“While My Soldier Serves” Author Interview

I'm so pleased to interview Edie Melson at Quid Pro Quills today. Edie's written a book of prayers designed for the loved ones of those serving. Here's an excerpt:


QPQ: Edie, why was it so important for you to write this book?

Edie: I struggled with fear while our son was deployed. Often the worst times were when I was awakened with horrible nightmares. I’d make my way downstairs and sit in the recliner, clutching my Bible and trying to pray. So often the prayers wouldn’t come. I longed for a book like this to give me a jumping off point for my own prayers.


Whether you've a loved one serving or not, our soldiers need our prayers. Visit Quid Pro Quills to read the rest of the interview & enter to win a copy of While My Soldier Serves. And then go buy the book and pray the prayers, would you?

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