The Balancing Act: Flexibility, Fact, and Fiction

I'm pleased to be interviewed at Quid Pro Quills today by my dear friend, Jericha Kingston. Here's an excerpt:

QPQ: Hi, Robin! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and wit today.

RP: My pleasure. Though you say wisdom and wit, I think foolishness and folly, but maybe I can fake my way through.

QPQ: I have no doubt you’ll do fine! First, how do you do it? You’re a wife, a mom, and a writer. How do you balance those roles?

RP: It helps that my kids are teenagers, so while they still require a lot of emotional effort and prayer (a LOT of prayer!), I don’t have to tie their shoes and button their shirts anymore. And since I quit home schooling them a few years back, I don’t have to teach them, either. So I have more time on my hands.

I also guard my time very carefully, to the degree that some might call it hoarding. I have learned to never say yes to an opportunity without praying about it first. I believe the Lord has given me a few tasks—caring for my family, writing, editing, and a couple of volunteering commitments—and He wants me to focus on those. He wants me to do those well, to improve on those always, to reach for excellence in those few areas. When I take time away from those, even for something good, there’d better be a good reason.

Stop by Quid Pro Quill to read the rest.

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