Magic: The dog that breaks the ice

This is the first time I've ever written a pet into one of my stories. I don't know why. We have a dog and a cat, and it's not as if I can forget they exist. If they're not scratching to go in or out, they're hovering at my feet or, in the cat's case, at my fingertips.

But this is the first story I've ever told that needed a dog. So of course, I created one just like my beloved puppy, Dixie. I named the dog in the story after my sister and brother-in-law's old dog, Magic. (The real Magic was an akita–not the friendliest breed, to be sure.)  Magic seemed the perfect name for the dog in Innocent Lies because of the way she makes Daniel and, later, Kelsey feel comfortable in the midst of terrible distress. It's pretty magical.

Dogs can do that, can't they? No matter how difficult things get, a sweet, loyal dog can lift our spirits.

When you're reading Innocent Lies, I hope you enjoy Magic and her antics. They're all modeled after my dog, including the weird kangaroo-hop-run thing she does. (I wish I had a video of her doing that. It's hilarious.)

So now you've read about all the main characters in Innocent Lies. I hope I've whet your appetite for the story. If you haven't yet, preorder your copy today. It's only $2.99 but that price will go up after it releases, so don't wait!


“Kelsey huddled in the corner, tried to make herself invisible. Outside, she heard a muffled voice, a shout, and the pounding of footsteps across the porch. Then, the unmistakable jingle of keys. The lock turned. The door opened. And her last chance for escape melted like snow.”

–Robin Patchen, award winning author of Finding Amanda and Convenient Lies.

A lost little boy steals his heart.

When Eric finds eight-year-old Daniel alone in the woods, he has no idea where the boy came from or how he's survived the wintery New Hampshire weather. He figures once he hands the boy off to child services, his part in Daniel's drama will be over. He couldn't be more wrong.

She’ll do anything to keep her son safe. 

Kelsey sneaks into Nutfield with a goal and a secret, but when she's arrested and sees Eric, her first and only love, all her plans to expose her enemy fall apart.

The past catches up with them.

Together, Eric and Kelsey fight to protect Daniel, an innocent child caught in a dangerous game. Can Eric help Kelsey bring down her enemies without risking his heart…again? Will Kelsey have to walk away from the only man she's ever loved…again?


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