Innocent Lies is available for preorder!

Book 4 in the Hidden Truth series is available to preorder, and I think you're going to love it. Some early readers have told me this is my best book yet.

You'll recognize the hero, Eric Nolan. He showed up in both Convenient Lies and Generous Lies. He's been promoted to detective for this book, and boy, does he have a story to tell.

You'll be hearing more about this book–the last one in this series–as we approach release day. I'll tell you about the heroine, Kelsey, and all she's been through, and I'll tell you about the little boy, Daniel, who bears a striking resemblance to my youngest child.

The book won't be available until January 19, but if you order it today, you'll lock in the pre-order price of $2.99.

Interested in learning more? Click here to read the blurb.


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