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Writing the Emotional Roller Coaster

Explore the three ways to add emotion to your manuscript and when it is appropriate to use each and discover how to use the emotional wheel to bring more depth to your manuscripts and pull your readers onto an emotional roller coaster that will leave them breathless

Small Edits, Big Impact

Learn how to use rhetorical devices and other simple tricks to improve the emotional impact of your prose. Each device will have examples from speeches, literature, and movies to illustrate how they can be used in all kinds of writing.

Two-Step Guide to Parenting Teenagers and young adults: Shut Up and Pray

If you’ve told them once, you’ve told them a thousand times… But if those rolling eyes are any indication, your teens and young adult children aren’t listening anymore. Learn how to transition from authority to influence in your teen or young adult’s life. 

Bringing Beauty into Language

Twenty-minute Ted-style speech on the power of simplicity, cadence, and repetition in language and how these tricks add impact, quotability, and believability to your writing.

OKC Christian Fiction Writers

OKC Christian Fiction Writers

Location:Edmond, OK, US
Date:January 20, 2018
Speech details to come.
Dallas Ready Writers 3rd Annual Mini-Conference

Dallas Ready Writers 3rd Annual Mini-Conference

Location:Arlington, TX, US
Date:April 14, 2018
Patchen will serve as keynote speaker and deliver two talks: Writing the Emotional Roller Coaster and Small Edits, Big Impact: Secrets of a Line Editor

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