A Faithful Hero: Meet Eric from Innocent Lies

How faithful would you be?

The woman Eric Nolan was desperately in love with left him a note one day saying she'd be back soon, and then she disappeared. He searched for her with no luck until word came that Kelsey had been murdered.

The problem was, Eric never believed it.

The clues ran cold, and he gave up the search. He believed Kelsey was still alive and would return when she could.

But nearly a decade passed with no word from her. In all that time, Eric stayed faithful to the promise he'd made to Kelsey. He never stopped believing she'd come back.

When she does… Well, that's when it gets interesting.

What would you do if the person you loved disappeared without a trace? How difficult would it be to hold onto hope? How heart-wrenching would it be to believe the love of your life was out there, somewhere, and wouldn't–or couldn't–contact you?

Eric Nolan is a lot of things. He's a strong believer, a great friend, and a fine detective. But Eric's greatest quality is his faithfulness. And it's the quality that will be most tested when Kelsey comes back.

About Innocent Lies:

“Kelsey huddled in the corner, tried to make herself invisible. Outside, she heard a muffled voice, a shout, and the pounding of footsteps across the porch. Then, the unmistakable jingle of keys. The lock turned. The door opened. And her last chance for escape melted like snow.”

–Robin Patchen, award winning author of Finding Amanda and Convenient Lies.

A lost little boy steals his heart.

When Eric finds eight-year-old Daniel alone in the woods, he has no idea where the boy came from or how he's survived the wintery New Hampshire weather. He figures once he hands the boy off to child services, his part in Daniel's drama will be over. He couldn't be more wrong.

She’ll do anything to keep her son safe. 

Kelsey sneaks into Nutfield with a goal and a secret, but when she's arrested and sees Eric, her first and only love, all her plans to expose her enemy fall apart.

The past catches up with them.

Together, Eric and Kelsey fight to protect Daniel, an innocent child caught in a dangerous game. Can Eric help Kelsey bring down her enemies without risking his heart…again? Will Kelsey have to walk away from the only man she's ever loved…again?

Innocent Lies releases January 19. Order today to lock-in the preorder price of only $2.99. 

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